Start a 自然-based school

We help early childhood educators start 自然-based preschools, forest preschools, forest kindergartens, or other models of 自然-based early childhood education businesses.

We can help 与

  • Business planning

  • Securing a program site

  • Staff recruitment and hiring

  • Licensing a new program

  • Establishing a program philosophy

  • Developing a 自然-based curriculum

  • Designing natural play areas

  • Reviewing building schematics


服务 we offer for starting a school

Establishing a Nature-based Preschool

作者:Rachel A. Larimore

Nature-based preschools are powerful programs that fuse early childhood and environmental education to develop a child's lifelong connection 与 the natural world. With the number of this unique, cutting-edge program growing throughout the country, many 自然 centers are asking, “Is a 自然-based preschool right for us?” Establishing a Nature-Based Preschool, written by Samara’s founder, helps answer that question and provides a how-to guide to move from concept to implementation.


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Free resources for starting a 自然-based school

Evaluating Natureness: Measuring the Quality of Nature-based Classrooms in Pre-K through 3rd Grade

By Patti Ensel Bailie, Rachel A. Larimore *, & 阿里安娜E. Pikus

This new book introduces the NAture-Based Education Rating Scales (NABERS) for Pre-K and K–3—a tool of measuring the quality of 自然-based program. The book also includes tips and tricks for moving the needle towards quality. The tool addresses:

→ Program goals and curriculum practices


→ Environment

→ Community partnerships

→ Family engagement

Whether you want to evaluate an existing 自然-based program or discover how to shift your program toward a 自然 focus, this book is for you!

*Rachel is Samara Early Learning’s Founder & Chief Visionary